My Step Mother is an Alien

 I hope you can agree it is an impressive bit of graphic design and would look great in the right environment. Of course, those in the know are aware that the film is a Dan Aykroyd showpiece as he starts as a slightly batty widowed scientist by the name of Dr Steve Mills.  He falls for Celeste – played by the delectable Kim Basinger, and marries which in turns upsets his teenage daughter Jessie, who discovers that her stepmother is an alien due to peculiar habits whic are revealed. 

The film met with mixed reviews when it launched, although some of the starring actors, in particular Kim Basinger received praise.  Many reviews referred to the sexual storyline as being somewhat crass.   My favourite fact about the film however is that Baskin Robbins in a South Korean branch named one of their ice creams “Mom is an Alien” after the film!

This poster is an East German version as you can see, the image is striking to say the least!