Beautiful Halloween


So it’s going to be a happy Halloween for Sotheby’s and the owner of one of the three remaining original posters of 1932’s  The Mummy. It is expected to sell for somewhere between $1-1.5m, making it the world’s most expensive movie poster.

If that’s not within your price range, then how about this image for the same film by Belgian artist Laurent Durieux. It’s part of a series of Universal Monster posters that he produced back in 2012. The limited edition of 400 screen prints has long since sold out.

Justin Erickson paid tribute to one of the masters of horror Vincent Price in his poster for 1959’s The Bat. Released the year after the more famous The Fly, it was one of five films that Mr Price starred in that year.

Horror and animation may not seem like ideal bedfellows, but 2012’s Paranorman proved that it could be a winning combination. US artist Tom Whalen created this poster to add to his growing collection of re-imaginings of animated classics, new and old.

Back in time to 1964 for another Vincent Price classic The Last Man on Earth. Based on Richard Matheson’s sci-fi classic, this was the first screen outing, with Mr Price replaced seven years later by Charlton Heston in the Omega Man and Will Smith in I am Legend in 2007. US artist Gary Pullin producing this striking poster.